Top 15 Altcoins with MASSIVE POTENTIAL! Cryptocurrency BEST Projects April 2021!


All right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily. My name is Aaron. Make sure you subscribe. We drop a video every day. We keep you informed on a daily basis.

This is a year that you want to be paying attention to cryptocurrency in this video. I’M going to be going over at least 15 coins that i think have big potential this month and it’s not just based on my whim. It’s based on certain things going on either partnerships, people they’re working with implementations, integrations you’ll see. So you don’t want to miss this video if there’s a coin that you think deserves to be on this list. Let us know in the comments, if i keep seeing certain coins get commented underneath our videos.


I know that you guys want me to cover those coins, so make sure you, let me know in the comments below give the video a like. If you want to support the channel and let’s get started, and just so we’re clear, just a reminder, this video, like all our videos, it’s not financial advice, it’s just for informational purposes, only do not make any buy or sell decisions based on this video, but use Our channel as a starting off point, anyways coin number: one on our list is bondly: bondly finance, the bondly, token powers, the bondly ecosystem. It’S an nft marketplace. I guess that’s what it’s most famous for it’s a decentralized exchange, so bondly is making our list today. The news is this: thank you to nme one of the world’s defining voices in music and pop culture, a huge publication, hundreds of thousands millions of people read nme.

Thank you: enemy for covering takashi, six nines sale, so takashi, six, nine one of the biggest artists in the game. Right now and right on the front page, he teamed up with bondly for the project. So if you’re bullish on nfts in the short to mid term, surely you’re bullish on bondly, this is bonali’s. Current price chart moving forward and actually, in fact, we’ll be covering a lot of nft coins in this video. Just because people are in to nfts in a huge way in a way that we never would have suspected before with stuff like this, i mean billions and billions of people are getting into nfts anyway, red fox labs, not just an nft coin, but we are grateful To you all for you waiting for us to share our big news that the red fox family will be listing with bittrex to expand even further into global markets.

So we’ve been covering red fox labs for quite some time for a long time and uh where i bought. My red fox tokens was on uniswap and it seemed like unit swap was really the only game in town the only exchange big exchange the red fox was listed on. Of course you can just list yourself on uniswap, so it’s really big news that they got listed on major exchange bit bittrex uh, so good for red fox labs. They make our list today. Coin number: three refinable!

The coin is called fine token. It’s not even launched yet, but i need to clue you in on this because they’re backed by some big names, binance and mr beast – invest in refinable, binance, smart chains, first nft marketplace! So refinable is the first all-in-one nft marketplace launching on binance smart chain, creating a platform to empower creators, buyers, sellers and decentralized applications with issues faced by so many current nft hubs, such as extremely high minting costs and gas fees. Refinable sought to make a platform that removes all of these disadvantages, holding nft growth back, so it’s almost like they combined a mintable and wearable and turned it into refinable. Anyway....

The refinable nft economy runs on fine token, the native cryptocurrency of the network, allowing users to facilitate transaction costs and maintain governance, voting rights and again the reason i included them on the list today, because mr beast is a huge backer by nance is a huge backer Again, i don’t believe this token is out yet, but keep your eyes peeled as soon as we have more information on this, we will report it to you so make sure you subscribe next coin, making our list today a blue chip in the d5 space. I would say it’s urine of finance. The reason i’m including them on this list is because yearn has passed 2.5 billion in total value. Locked many people didn’t think d5 would ever get this big, let alone one project total value locked.

If you don’t know what your finance is real, quick urine finance is a group of protocols running on the ethereum blockchain that allows users to optimize their earnings on crypto assets through lending and borrowing or trading services. You’Re in finance provides its services using only code removing the need for a financial intermediary like a bank or custodian to do this. It has built an ecosystem, automated incentivizing, around its yfi currencies, so they have several independent products. Take a look right here, but users earn yfi tokens by locking cryptocurrencies in urine finance in their contracts, which are running on balancer and curve defy trading platforms using the urine finance platform in this way, urine finance capitalizes on a practice commonly called yield farming in which Users lock up crypto assets in a d5 protocol in order to earn more crypto the more assets the users lock in the platform, the more the more tokens they are awarded by the protocol and the fact that total value locked is getting. This big shows that they are in trust, is increasing in this d5 protocol and trust is so important in any cryptocurrency.

Most d5 projects, most cryptocurrencies, don’t have it, but one metric that we can track it with is how how much value are people willing to lock in the project and uh good, for you yearn finance next coin on our list is uniswap the governance token for the Ethereum based decentralized exchange, uniswap uni token, the news is this: uni exchange inflow volume has just reached an all-time low. Now that sounds like that might be, maybe not that great of a metric. The reason i wanted to point this out to you, though, is because take a look each time the inflow volume has reached an all-time low, not every time, but it seems very often the price shoots up. So beyond that i mean what unit swap token is what uniswap the exchange is. I i happen to be bullish on it, a decentralized exchange in 2021.

Incredibly bullish. I include them on the list. This is the price chart right now, trading at 28. Next coins on our list, we covered this news yesterday, it’s polka dot and kusama, and the news, of course, is that tether, the largest stable coin, which is primarily on ethereum, is slated to become the first stable coin on polka dot after launching on canary network kusama. So polka dot kusama they make our list next coin on our list is formally matic.

It is called polygon they’re, one of the primo scaling layer, two solutions for ethereum and they’re, absolutely killing the l2 game. So you can see value locked for polygon is increasing as well and we already went over why that is one metric where, if that is increasing it’s bullish, so this is polygons current price chart. I happen to be bullish on ethereum layer, 2 solutions. It’S going to get solved in some way. Matic is one way it could get solved, they’re, definitely working they’re.

Definitely you know one of the better coins to watch this cycle. Speaking of that ethernet ethernet, another nft coin, conducts its first nft drop to celebrate their platform’s launch. So here are the details for taking part in the drop feel free to take a look at that yourself. This is ethernet’s current price chart so definitely on a dip. Um, are you a buyer?


Are you a watcher, i’m a watcher, i’m watching these nft coins carefully. I mean in all honesty, you know things are getting a little frothy. It reminds me of defy bubble summer of 2020. We’Re eventually, i don’t think we’re near the top of this nft local bubble, but i think eventually, we’ll see more quality projects. Everything will dip at a certain point, but more quality projects which have yet to be determined in most cases will eventually you know, start trending up and to the right over time and a lot of the bad projects won’t, but just understand that not every nft coin Is created equal?

Obviously, you know that. But how can you not be bullish on nfts in general by the way even coins like bondly coins like uh, you know almost all of them are um. You know tokens on the ethereum on the ethereum chain and i’m including ethereum on this list, because of that and because of stories like this mcdonald’s, teases nft, big mac, mcdonald’s, france has joined the nft hype, train teasing digital artwork on one of its most iconic dishes. In the social media game, so this is their tweet. These are what their nfts will look like, and this is good for ethereum, because this uh this is taking place on open c, an ethereum based nft marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles.

So mcdonald’s is one of the many celebrities or companies with billions and billions of happy customers and they’re. Saying hey, get off zero, get some ethereum. If you want our nfts, i mean playboy with nifty gateway, another ether based nft marketplace. This is the gemini one. How can you not be bullish on ethereum if all this stuff was happening on bitcoin?

You know the bitcoin maximalists would be touting this as just bringing so many people in to the bitcoin space, but it’s happening on ethereum. A lot of things are happening on ethereum couple gets married on the ethereum blockchain for six hundred dollars in transaction fees. California couple has used tokenized rings to immortalize their marriage on the ethereum blockchain. This is that couple. What do you think about this?

It’s pretty cool! If you’re with your girlfriend, i bet you say it’s really really cool funny clip from pomp’s podcast. This is fun. Okay, speaking of nfts, two coinbase employees have managed to find a heartwarming use of for nfts by incorporating them into their wedding, exchanging the digital tokens. As part of the ceremony, rebecca rose and peter kotcherzynski uh say that, alongside their traditional jewish ceremony, the couple will also send each other digital tokens as virtual rings to each other wow.

That’s so funny. I love this, so their virtual rings now exist on the blockchain. For all to see is proof of our commitment to each other. I love this. This is amazing.

We got married on the blockchain. However, we not do this next coin on. Our list is litecoin litecoin in a space where most altcoins are degens, just getting closer and closer to zero versus bitcoin over long enough time. Litecoin, for whatever reason is an oscillator meaning in bull markets, it usually does well, it seems to me seems to the experts that litecoin is in a bull trend at the moment, so litecoin makes our list. I want to talk about bitcoin for 30 seconds because in my opinion, if you’re new – maybe you don’t realize this yet.


But in my opinion the name of the game is to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible because as far as asymmetrical opportunity, risk adjusted investment. In my opinion, bitcoin’s the best and i continue to cost average bitcoin. Clearly a lot of people do. I think some old coins will make it in the end and obviously altcoins are great to get massive gains, but don’t lose sight of the big picture. Bitcoin literally digital gold, i continue to buy and a lot of people do next coin on our list.

Honestly, in my opinion, i think it’s kind of a coin. Stellar lumen, i mean personally i’d rather have a coin like ethereum, but stellar lumen makes our list today. As more of a trade. I mean actually most of these coins, i’m talking about in short to mid term time frames really just this month, possibly this year at the longest, but econ making big news with acoin and it’s his crypto cities and they’re building on top of these stellar blockchains. So stellar is not out not out of the game at this point, and stellar has quite a long history, since 2014 looks kind of like an oscillator, so definitely one that we continue to report on speaking again on nfts.

The next coin on our list is tom. Brady’s new nft coin tom brady is launching nft platform with apple draftkings and spotify executive advisors. I mean this to me. This is one of the things that tells me that nfts are not close to like being in a bubble. I mean, i think, that’s ultimately where every crypto goes through these cycles, but this tells me that we’re not near the top just my opinion anything can happen.

The star nfl quarterback reigning super bowl champ has hopped onto the nft bandwagon with a slew of exec advisors. From big tech companies, their nft platform is called autograph, there’s not much information about it. At this point we don’t know if it’s going to have its own token or if it’s just going to use ethereum it just uses ethereum, that’s great for eath if it uses its own token, maybe a bondly, maybe a super farm, maybe or whatever. Maybe a red fox labs, probably not red fox, because they’re based in uh, vietnam and you know asia, but whatever token tom, brady and spotify and apple and draftkings, use and bullish on that, maybe it’s just ethereum. We will keep you updated.

The next coins on our list is elrond and pokemon. Now we talked about pokemon a lot yesterday. Make sure you check out this video if you haven’t already so i want to include them. I want to include elrond network lra network continues to make partnership after partnership, strategic or otherwise. They continue to build out, definitely a coin to watch in 2021, so they make the list next coin.

Making our list is lto network, a hybrid blockchain for securing verifying and exchanging business, critical information, they’re, backed by some big money, big vcs. They just got listed on gate. I oh they’re, making our list today, along with chain link, talked about this news again in our video from yesterday. Make sure you check out this video if you haven’t already but grayscale, adding chain link to its large cap fund? It’S not nothing, and although it only makes up about one percent of their fund, most of this fund 80 is bitcoin.

For whatever reason chain link is a gem of this cycle and the trend is your friend and stuff, like this keeps chain link in the forefront of investment and just informational conversations so which cryptocurrencies did i miss this week? We’ve been talking about theta network we’ve been talking about engine economy, decentraland sand, there’s plenty of cryptocurrencies again. I think most of these will trend towards zero versus bitcoin, but this year in a maturing bull market. For me personally, i want to be exposed. I want some of these altcoin gains, so i’m taking on the risk.

But again let me know in the comments which ones i missed. Do you, like my neighbor alice? Do you like lusco torrecoine, that’s out now, let me know make sure that you subscribe. My name is Aaron, see you tomorrow,

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